Amazing-Plank-warrantyIf the product has not yet convinced you it is the Ultimate in Insulated Wall Systems, then the warranty certainly will.

Most vinyl siding warranties are written with ‘smoke and mirrors.’ Manufacturers tell homeowners they warrant their vinyl siding for life against fading. What they do not mention is that “Normal Weathering” is excluded. Normal Weathering refers the elements outside (sunlight and oxidization) which are what usually cause fading.


Amazing Plank Acrylic Siding is warranted for life against not only fading but normal weathering as well.


Amazing Plank is so superior to other products on the market that if Amazing Plank ever changes colors for any reason associated with normal home ownership we will replace it free of charge.

Amazing Plank Acrylic Siding is also warranted for life against hail damage.
Most vinyl siding warranties offer a Material Only Warranty leaving the homeowner responsible for the labor. This results in either the homeowner filing a claim with their homeowner’s insurance or paying for the labor themselves. Either way, damage resulting from hail will require some out of pocket expense from the homeowner either directly for the labor, or covering their homeowners insurance deductible.

Amazing Plank does not require claims through homeowner’s insurance equaling no deductibles for hail damage for the homeowner and is also not pro-rated in any way.


Hail Damage is covered, 100% material and labor, for the life of the home to the original homeowner.