Gutter Guards for Rain Gutters

Rain gutters have been used to protect homes from water damage, ice damage, and other potential hazards resulting from debris and erosion since the 18th century.  Though rain gutters don’t cost much too install, the absence of a sufficient rain gutter system, or having rain gutters that are improperly installed or defective, can result in thousands of dollars of damage and repair work to your home.  At Amazing Siding & Windows, not only do we have the best rain gutter guards   on the market, we also provide professional  gutter guard installation with an exclusive warranty that our competitors simply can’t beat!

The fundamental purpose of rain gutters is to channel and divert water away from the foundation of your house.  However, rain gutters easily get clogged and when they do, problems can quickly arise.  When rain gutters get clogged with leaves, twigs, granules from shingles, and other debris, they overflow and can cause costly damage to your home.  Here is a list of some of the potential damage that can happen to your house due to an improperly working rain gutter system:

· Foundation Damage

· Wood Rot

· Black Mold

· Basement Leaks

· Ruined Paint

· Eroding Masonry

· Shingle and Roof Damage

· Driveway Damage

· Walkway Damage

· Damage to Landscaping

Though the list can go on, already you can see the potential risks and the costly amount of repair work that will be necessary in order to fix these problems.  More and more savvy homeowners are installing our Amazing Gutter Guard Protection system to prevent these potential hazards from happening.

When can I install Gutter Guards?

It’s never too early, or too late, to install a rain gutter protection system.  Is the sun shining outside?  It’s time to install.  Is it raining outside?  It’s time to install.  No matter if its spring, summer, fall, or winter, it’s always the perfect season to protect your home from the elements.  Especially in these times when the only predictable thing about the weather is that it’s unpredictable, the perfect time to install a properly working, long lasting Amazing Gutter Protection system is now.


The concept behind our Amazing Gutter Protection system is simple but sophisticated. We’ve designed a protective rain gutter cover that fits onto your existing rain gutters, no matter their size or design.  When water comes into contact with the protective cover, surface tension is created – allowing the water to pass over the cover and into the existing gutter while at the same time keeping leaves, twigs, and other debris out.  This means that your rain gutters never have to be cleaned!  In fact, we guarantee it!  Our Amazing Gutter Protection system comes with a “Lifetime No-Clog Warranty.”  Nowhere can you find an all-inclusive warranty like ours.  However, if that benefit isn’t enough to convince you that we’re the best, here are some additional benefits of our Amazing Gutter Protection system:

· Professional Installation

· Prevents Gutter Sagging

· Will Not Rust

· Fits Any Gutter

· Built to Last

Most of all, our unique approach can be applied to virtually any roof or gutter, making ours the most versatile rain gutter guard protection system on the available today.

Though our Amazing Gutter Guard Protection system is the best rain gutter protection system available on the market today, Amazing Vinyl Siding & Windows is also about professional installation and service.  Our professional installers adhere to the strictest standards in the industry.  From start to finish, we perform each project with care, patience, and expertise.  You can rest assured that your Amazing Gutter Protection system will be properly installed and maintained over the years.