Fiberglass Siding

APEX® is a revolutionary new siding system that dramatically improves
upon virtually every single critical area of performance and
aesthetics.  A stronger, more durable, more beautiful siding system that
combines distinctive looks and bold, rich colors with a level of
performance that is unmatched by any other siding system.  The secret
behind this combination of beauty and strength is Ultrex®, a patented
pultruded fiberglass that has been used in
residential and commercial construction for more than 20 years.  This
unique process provides APEX with its unmatched strength, high moisture
and impact resistance and deep, rich colors that resist fading and don’t
require painting.  Combined, these qualities give your home a truly
distinctive look that will endure for years and years.

From the lap siding and trim to the corners and caps, every single piece
of the APEX® Siding System is designed to go with every other piece in
an innovative, fully integrated system.  The distinctive look of APEX
owes itself to this cohesive, self-aligning interlock design.  With
16-foot lengths for fewer seams and factory-applied clips, you get
secure placement and tight seams (and no visible nail holes).  Whether
you choose a smooth or wood grain finish, your ultra-durable APEX siding
gives your home a distinctive finish and radiates quality craftsmanship
– hallmarks of an APEX project.  APEX will resist fade, chipping,
impact and moisture and never require painting or caulking.  It all adds
up to the most ground breaking, innovative siding system on the market.