AmazingPlank Insulated Acrylic Siding in the Kansas City Area


If you are in the market for acrylic siding in the
Kansas City market, Amazing Siding’s AmazingPlank Acrylic Insulated Siding is a
great alternative to inferior wood siding products.
This impermeable acrylic siding is fabricated using weatherable Acrylonitrile
Styrenic Acrolate (ASA) that is even more thermally stable than many vinyl
siding products (we do also install a very high quality, virgin vinyl siding).  Our
acrylic siding is available in a wide range of our color choices and simulated
wood grain textures without the attendant problems of wood siding.


This home exterior siding is an exclusive residential product
available direct from Amazing
Siding of Kansas City
(Lenexa, KS), your local,
trusted siding contractor since 1995.


High-End, Residential Acrylic Siding Product

Amazing Siding’s AmazingPlank is available in wider,
longer, straighter and stronger lengths than almost any siding.  We stock the longest siding lengths available in the Kansas City metropolitan
market.  The longer siding boards offer a nearly seamless appearance once
professionally installed.  Numerous independent tests confirm that our acrylic
siding out-performs many competing exterior siding products.  This superior
insulated siding also provides great soundproofing and provides durable,
long-lasting protection for your home’s exterior.  Even homes with visible
warping of current siding installations appear much straighter, sleek, classy,
clean and seamless appearance after AmazingPlank siding installation.  Simply
put, this is one of the best products available on the market today!


Regardless of the quality of an exterior house siding,
proper installation is the key to protecting your home and providing a nearly
seamless appearance that will keep your home attractive for years on end.  No
matter the benefits of a particular siding product, poor installation
techniques are very likely to negate any benefits from preventing moisture
intrusion into the insulation and walls to reducing energy costs.  Many
homeowners that have had the disappointment of choosing inferior siding
installation companies find that buckling, warping, seam widening, and other
problems are a common result of improper nailing or sealing of exterior siding.


Excellence in Siding Installation

Amazing Siding and Windows of Kansas City is committed
to excellence with every installation job.  Our professionally installers take
the time and care to do the job correctly the first time.  We are committed to
excellence and providing our neighbors with exceptional products and
exceptional workmanship.


Our many years of experience in the Kansas City
metropolitan market have earned our company a positive reputation.  In fact, we
are your 2010 NARI Remodeler of the Year award recipient.
In the unlikely event of improper installation by our installers of any of our residential
exterior siding lines
, Amazing Siding’s has you covered with installation warranties and a customer satisfaction guarantee.


The Care and Attention to Detail to Do the Job Right the First Time!

We install all siding lines, insulation, replacement
, gutter guards
and entry doors right
the first time—who wants to do the same job twice?  We use the utmost care with
every siding installation.  Before we hammer a single nail, we carefully
inspect all surfaces for your new siding installation.  We look for dry rot,
moisture damage or other problems.  We will make minor repairs of your surface
wood as required.  In order to ensure full insulation capacity, we apply caulk,
replace some boards, caulk, and seal around all doors and windows with
contractor-grade acrylic urethane sealants.


Once your exterior wood is thoroughly prepared for a new
acrylic siding installation, then we take the care to hammer each nail by
hand.  We consider this particular approach quite beneficial, since we will
notice any problematic areas of your exterior during installation.  This extra
level of care provides our customers with the satisfaction of knowing that
Amazing Siding takes pride in our work and we take the time and care to deliver
excellent workmanship on all installation projects.  We also take particular
care with difficult architectural elements including soffits, trim areas, and eaves and overhangs.


Contractor-Grade Insulation and Installation Materials

Each Amazing Siding installation project receives contractor-grade
insulation materials
.  We install Tyvek HomeWrap—a home
weatherization wrap with the industry’s highest perm rating for residential
applications—foam boards, backer boards or other products as required.
Additionally, EasyPost insulation protects corners and increases impact
resistance on corner posts by over 300%.  These insulation pieces also help
support other areas of the siding installation, essentially eliminating
twisting, bowing or distortions in the siding.  By “capping” your corners, with
insulation, this helps ensure energy efficiency by reducing the chances of air
infiltration; also, this method reduces the likelihood of vermin and insect


Amazing Siding installs the longest siding lengths
available in the market, and this provides fewer seams (fewer areas for
moisture penetration) and delivers a nearly seamless appearance after
installation.  Your siding colors will last for years to come since
AmazingPlank Insulated Acrylic Siding eliminates painting—there is no need to
worry about flaking, chipping, scraping, priming and repainting.


The Secret to a Great Home Siding Installation

There is no secret to protecting your exterior for the
long-term.  Given that you have a solid, exterior siding product that performs
well in a range of weather conditions, all you really need is time, care in
installation, attention detail, and the professional experience to perform the
job correctly.


This is our commitment to every one of our customers in
the Kansas City metropolitan market.