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Choose a Contractor for Siding Installation
in Olathe that Takes Care to Install Siding Correctly

Homeowners in the Kansas City metropolitan region can
rely on siding installation in Olathe, or in other communities performed
according to manufacturer instructions and specifications.  As your trusted
local contractors, Amazing
Siding of Kansas City
(Olathe, Kansas), we assist area homeowners with
choosing high-end, residential exterior siding designed to last.  All of our
exterior siding lines eliminate painting.  Our pledge to customers is to take
the time to help you determine the best residential siding for your
architecture that meets your desired performance criteria, and we pledge to install
siding on your home correctly.

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Currently, we install four superior, exterior house siding
in the Kansas City metropolitan area including in Olathe, Overland
Park, Leavenworth, Lenexa, Mission, Shawnee, Blue Springs, Independence,
Raytown, and in other communities in the area.  We personally take the time and
care to insulate, install, and thoroughly seal your new siding correctly the
first time, thus greatly reducing the likelihood of any moisture penetration or
subsequent damage resulting from a poor installation.


more about your 2010 NARI Remodeler of the Year
, Amazing Siding,
serving Olathe, Kansas City, and points in-between.

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Four Exceptional Lines of Siding for
Installation in Olathe

Amazing Siding installs four exceptional, high-end
residential siding lines in Olathe and in the Kansas City metropolitan area.
These long lasting exterior siding have specific performance attributes
designed for increased energy efficiency, performance and protection for your
home.  Manufacturing options and paint application techniques on these siding lines
include superior manufacturer-applied painting techniques and even siding
customization to withstand harsh climate conditions (specifically, James Hardie
Plank Siding).


You can eliminate all of the hassles associated with
scraping, priming and painting repeatedly, as each siding line essentially
eliminates painting over the lifetime of the siding.  These are very low
maintenance exterior siding options. Additionally, we install the longest siding
lengths on the market which reduces seams and the opportunities for water
penetration while providing a nearly “seamless appearance” to your finished
exterior installation.


Choose siding
installation in Olathe
using one of these popular, superior exterior
siding lines:

  • Amazing Plank
    Acrylic Siding
    —our superior impermeable acrylic exterior siding line
    manufactured using durable, Acrylonitrile Styrenic
    Acrolate (ASA) as a base material; ASA is thermally stable and
    essentially non-conductive reducing energy usage for cooling and heating; this
    product does not rot, resists moisture intrusion, mold growth, mildewing, and
    most forms of damage by insects; also, this product has a high impact
  • APEX®
    Fiberglass Siding
    —or APEX®
    Siding from Marvin® Siding
    , a superior fiberglass exterior lap
    siding line that offers Olathe homeowners deep bold color choices with very
    realistic wood grain simulation (this is a very durable alternative to installing
    inferior wood
    siding lines
    ); APEX® Siding is a
    patented pultruded fiberglass material that is an energy efficient
    product that withstands high winds, hail impacts, and even resists fading over
    the product life cycle; additionally, this siding resists moisture penetration
    and subsequent water damage such as mold, mildew and wood rot
  • James
    Hardie Plank Siding
    —an environmentally friendly, non-combustible cement fiberboard
    that is the most popular form of siding in the country; this product is manufactured
    using Portland cement, cellulose fibers, ground sand and other additives; unique
    to cement fiberboard siding is climate customization—this means that your
    siding’s performance attributes are improved relative to eight specific climate
    factors; James Hardie Industries employs a proprietary, multi-step, bake-on
    painting application process, ColorPlus® Technology, that offers
    homeowners one of the widest color palettes available—and, the finishing uses a
    multi-step baked on paint process that offers true uniform colors that last
    longer than field-applied painting techniques
  • Vinyl Siding—this
    a high-end alternative to standard residential exterior siding, which is
    fabricated using virgin vinyl, not recycled materials or inferior vinyl

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Amazing Siding installers utilize contractor-grade insulation materials
on each installation project.  We install insulated backer boards, foam boards
and the best residential weatherization wrap on the market—Tyvek HomeWrap.  We
also use professional-grade acrylic urethane sealants and contractor nails.   Watch a brief video about
home siding options
or learn about your insulation
for siding installation in Olathe.


As your trusted contractors, we can help you decide what
siding and color fits your architecture best as well.  Amazing Siding personnel
perform all of our siding installations, not sub-contractors.


Additional Products to Finish Your Home Renovation

In business since 1995, and with nearly two decades of local
market experience in Kansas City and Eastern Kansas, we offer homeowners
long-lasting exterior siding products installed correctly.  Utilize our
experience and match a diverse range of architectural styles with the best
products.  We do take the care to correctly install and thoroughly seal even
the most difficult architectural elements such as eaves and
, soffits and trim areas.  For the best installations though,
be sure to install any additional products along with the siding including new gutter guards,
or new
ProVia entry doors

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Amazing Siding Takes Customer Satisfaction Seriously

At Amazing Siding, we take customer satisfaction
seriously. We take the time to make minor repairs to your exterior and install
every piece of siding by hand and actually nailing the siding by hand.  We offer
Olathe and Kansas City metropolitan area homeowners exceptional customer service
along with installing great high-end, residential exterior siding.  We want
every customer to be happy with the finished result.  Amazing Siding covers our
work with a warranty
and we offer our customers a satisfaction


If you need siding
installation financing options in Olathe
for one of our product lines,
you are welcome to apply.

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