Overland Park Siding Installation Services

Overland Park siding
contractors, Amazing Siding Corp. of Kansas City (Olathe, Kansas), offer some of the
best home
products available in the local market.  We install
durable, dependable siding with the appropriate care and insulation materials
to ensure that your siding is a long-lasting investment that will protect your
home’s exterior.

Amazing Siding installs new siding materials including
acrylic siding, cement fiberboard, fiberglass siding and traditionally popular,
insulated vinyl siding products throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area
including in Overland Park, Blue Springs, Leavenworth, Lenexa, Independence,
Olathe, and in towns in between.

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Overland Park Siding Materials for Your Home

Overland Park siding installation services include sales and professional
contractor installation of several types of residential siding products
including popular, traditional kinds of siding.  Amazing Siding offers three
different siding lines not available anywhere in Kansas City metropolitan area
including Amazing Plank Ultra Fiber Cement, Amazing Plank Fiberglass Siding and
Amazing Plank Acrylic Siding.  Moreover, we are a siding
installation contractor experienced with installing the very popular James Hardie fiber cement/plank
siding correctly, according to the manufacturer’s installation specifications and guidelines.

Additionally, we have the longest available siding
length in the industry on insulated siding that has a virtually seamless
appearance when installed.  Ask about our siding options with a manufacturer’s hail

Depending on your budget, age of the house, style of the
house, or just a personal preference, you can choose from the following types
of siding:

  • Acrylic
    —options for bold, dark colors unavailable with
    traditional vinyl siding
  • APEX®
    — realistic wood grain appearance with bold, dark colors, available
    in the Kansas City metro are direct from Amazing Siding
  • James
    Hardie Fiber Cement
    —extremely durable and heat resistant
    siding; we are you experienced contractors in the metropolitan area for installation work
    for all of James Hardie Industries siding components
  • Vinyl
    —traditional, popular, durable siding option,
    professionally installed

Additionally, the style of the backing,
foam board or other materials used for installation can all affect the
durability of your siding, and its ability to stand up to moisture and seasonal
weather changes.

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New siding materials and materials options generally
improve your property value and, depending on your insurance policy, may reduce
insurance premiums.  We offer siding options that are hail-resistant, withstand
drastic temperature fluctuations, resist moisture (ask about impermeable siding),
resist insect damage, and provide additional benefits besides the aesthetic

Whether you want new siding to reduce maintenance, give
your house a new look or bold color, to reduce air conditioning and heating
bills, to improve your exterior’s fire resistance, mold, mild and moisture
damage resistance, or for other reasons, you can always rely on the
craftsmanship of your Overland Park siding contractors at Amazing

We fully guarantee our all of installation workmanship regardless of the brand of exterior
siding that you choose. All of our siding materials have substantial
materials warranties
direct from the manufacturers and James Hardie Industries offers some of the
best materials warranties in the entire siding industry.

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