Local, Overland Fiber Cement Siding Installation by
Amazing Siding of Kansas City

In Overland, fiber cement siding or James Hardie
Plank Siding
is a siding composite that is customizable for local
climate, is extremely durable and long-lasting, and is available from Amazing Siding of Kansas City
(Overland, Kansas). James Hardie Industries manufactures customized, cement fiberboard
that is resilient and a moldable siding product. This composite
siding is fabricated using cellulose fibers, Portland cement, ground sand, and
other additives; and the siding is manufactured to last for decades.

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Just a Few Benefits of New, Residential Exterior Siding

For Overland, cement fiber siding provides many
benefits besides eliminating maintenance and painting. Your new exterior helps
protect your home. Installing cement fiberboard siding products should offer
you specific benefits such as:

  • Affordable renovations
  • Long-lasting protection for your exterior walls, soffits, overhangs, replacement windows and
    other parts of your house exterior
  • Improved fire resistance as James Hardie Plank Siding was tested in standard one-hour
    fire tests
  • Flexibility in installation since this product is moldable exterior siding, unlike many
    types of siding
  • A range of finishing options—you can paint fiber cement, or not; also you can
    have wood grain textures, stucco-like textures and other finishes
  • A reliable product that stands up to extreme heat or temperature cycling
  • A high hail impact resistance rating reducing the likelihood of any permanent
    damage to the siding
  • A composite material that is custom manufactured for the local climate taking
    into consideration a wide range of climate factors including heat, rainfall,
    moisture, winter weather and seasonal weather patterns
  • A product that withstands most water damage including from moisture, mold or
    mildew damage, or general rotting
  • Resistance to insect damage
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    about fiber cement siding

Additionally, Overland, fiber cement siding is
available in textured styles that simulate wood grains or even stucco. In many
locations throughout the US, including Overland, fiber cement is quickly
replacing wood
as an exterior siding of choice.

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Additional Siding Products for Overland Homeowners

Besides Overland, fiber cement siding and
installation services, Amazing Siding also stocks and installs other residential siding product
. These other siding lines include:

  • Amazing Plank Acrylic
    —our own, exclusive impermeable, acrylic exterior siding
  • APEX®
    Fiberglass Siding
    —line that simulates wood grains and
    textures, also you have many choices for bold and dark colors unavailable other
    siding manufactures
  • Vinyl siding—always
    a popular and affordable choice; pure virgin vinyl, not recycled or inferior
    materials are used to produce this siding
  • Insulation
    —backerboards, backing insulation,
    weatherization wraps, and professional-grade sealants and nails

We use commercial-grade Tyvek weather wraps,
professional-grade sealants, nails, and insulation materials to ensure your
exterior is protected. In addition, there are warranties on materials, siding
and soffits.

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Siding Materials Warranties and Installation Guarantees

Amazing Siding installs all of our siding lines
correctly, according to manufacturer specifications. We offer installation
on all of our siding lines installed by our personnel. We
take customer satisfaction seriously (review
our satisfaction guarantee
). All siding materials have substantial
warranties from the manufacturers as well.

options for Overland, fiber cement siding, installations

are available for Amazing Siding customers.

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