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fiberboard siding
is a composite siding material that offers homeowners
considerable flexibility in architectural usage and for general siding.  This
environmentally produced residential siding is a moldable product.  We carry
the siding longest lengths in the Kansas City metropolitan market.


James Hardie Industries originally developed fiber
cement board siding about a century ago to withstand the drastic and extreme
heat and climate conditions of Australia’s Outback and deserts.  This composite
material is composed of Portland cement, ground sand, cellulose fibers and
other additives.  The brand is a customizable siding material called James Hardie
Plank Siding
.  This unique combination also provides the product with
considerable fire resistance, particularly if compared to wooden siding.

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Amazing Siding, in business since 1995, is your trusted,
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Customized Overland Park, Fiber Cement Siding

In Overland Park, fiber cement board siding,
specifically the popular James Hardie
Plank Siding
is a preferred, exclusive siding line available from
Amazing Siding.  Our arrangements with the manufacturer offers Kansas City
metropolitan residents, homeowners in Overland Park, Olathe, Independence, Blue
Springs, Lenexa, Leavenworth, and residential property owners one of the most
durable products in the local market.  Amazing Siding also stocks and installs
the longest siding lengths that generally allow for a nearly seamless
appearance once the exterior siding is finished.  Learn more about different
home siding types


Your Kansas City and Overland fiber cement board
siding is a customizable product, customizable for local climate conditions.
Originally, cement fiber siding was designed, developed, tested and
manufactured to withstand Australia’s, desert temperatures, winds, and other
climate conditions.


James Hardie Industries allows siding to be customized
based on eight primary factors based on your climate.  This composite, fiber
cement siding is fabricated based on the following factors:

  • Temperature ranges specific to your geographic location
  • Ultraviolet light (UV-light) exposure
  • Topographical features that affect local or regional weather patterns
  • General humidity levels and the extremes of seasonal humidity levels
  • Overall amount of rain (wet climates versus arid climates)
  • Snowfall and seasonal winter moisture, and freezing temperatures
  • Likelihood of seasonal thunderstorms or areas with likely hail impact damage
  • Exposure
    major weather patterns such as tropical depressions, hurricanes, seasonal high
    winds, or winter storms

Your Overland Park, fiber cement siding will
undoubtedly reduce the likelihood of, or moderate, a wide range of damage
including moisture, water damage, mold, mildew, hail damage, and even insect

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Warranties on Siding and Guarantees on Installation Workmanship

Amazing Siding provides Overland Park and Kansas City
residents with an installation
against improper installations.  We use James Hardie
Industries’ installation techniques and specifications; therefore, we perform
installations correctly.  Amazing Siding guarantees
all installation work
that we perform.


Additionally, all materials from James Hardie Industries
have substantial materials warranties, as well.


If you require assistance financing your home
improvement project, Amazing Siding customers in Overland Park and Kansas City have

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