Park Cement Board Siding Installation by Amazing Siding

If it is time to replace your home’s exterior siding in
Overland Park, cement board siding from James Hardie Industries is an excellent
choice.  This product line is available in Kansas City metropolitan area from Amazing Siding Corporation of
Kansas City
(Olathe, KS).  We install high-end, residential exterior siding throughout
the market.  Cement board (or cement fiberboard siding) is an environmentally
sustainable and recyclable product that is also one of the most popular types
of exterior siding.  Currently, this type of siding is installed on over four
million homes throughout the country.

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Cement Board Siding Is an Environmentally Friendly Product

Amazing Siding installs James
Hardie Plank Siding
, a cement
fiberboard siding
, manufactured by James Hardie Industries, the industry
leader.  This reliable exterior siding is environmentally friendly throughout
the product lifecycle from manufacturing to recycling.  This product is non-combustible,
fabricated using Portland cement, ground sand, cellulose fibers, and other additives.

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Park, Cement Board Siding Installation

James Hardie Industries designed this exterior house
siding for homeowners living in the extreme climate of Australia’s Outback.
This siding is particularly effective during hot summers, thermal cycling, high
winds, and in areas with high ultraviolet-light exposure.  Originally
engineered for homes in arid, hot deserts, this cement board siding has stood
the test of time.  With this siding, homeowners can customize the siding boards
for improved performance attributes relative to the local climate and extremes
of seasonal weather conditions.  Improving the siding’s ability to withstand
specific climate conditions improves energy efficiency during summer or winter.
Be sure to choose an exterior siding product that will perform better over the
years relative to the climate conditions of metropolitan region.

Customizable, Cement Board Siding for Kansas City Homes

Choose to customize your Overland Park cement board
siding for improved performance.  You can install customizable siding that is
ideal for your home in Overland Park or elsewhere in the Kansas City area.  Customize
your exterior house siding based on eight specific climate and/or weather conditions

  • Temperature extremes, particularly heat
  • Impact resistance
  • Ultraviolet light (UV-light) exposure
  • Humidity and seasonal extremes
  • Precipitation extremes (wet conditions compared to arid conditions)
  • Winter weather extremes
  • Topographical features that affect weather patterns
  • Exposure to major weather patterns such as seasonal thunderstorms

James Hardie Industries’ proprietary ColorPlus®
Technology offers homeowners one of the widest color selections in the industry.  ColorPlus® Technology, a proprietary, multiple-step process literally bakes paint
onto the siding boards in multiple layers.  This process is superior to
field-applied painting methods and results in a uniform appearance on your siding
boards.  This process, combined with customization for UV-light, can result in
siding that shows very little paint fading during the first 20-25 years after

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For improved appearance and a secure installation, Amazing
Siding installs the longest siding board lengths available in the Kansas City
market.  The longer board lengths of this pliable, moldable siding reduce the amount
of seals, and this reduces the number of places where water can penetrate into
the insulation materials and wood.

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Professional Installation of Siding, Insulation and Other Products

Amazing Siding will install insulation materials,
insulation boards, backboards or foam boards, and a Tyvek
home weatherization wrap with your Overland Park cement board siding.  We take
the care to make sure that all gaps are sealed with OSI acrylic urethane
sealants.  If you are uncertain about insulation requirements, Amazing
Siding can give you additional recommendations.

Currently, Amazing Siding installs three additional
products lines besides Hardie Plank.  All of our siding is designed to
eliminate painting chores, so, choose the popular siding that you prefer.  We
install Amazing Plank Siding (an impermeable acrylic ASA siding
product and our siding brand), APEX®
Fiberglass Siding
manufactured by Marvin® Siding, and we
install a high-end, vinyl
fabricated from pure virgin vinyl.

We install also install energy-efficient, fusion-welded,
replacement windows
, kiln-dried, solid mahogany, ProVia entry doors,
and new gutter
to protect your new exterior siding installation.

Guaranty Information and Installation Service Area

Amazing Siding is a professional installer of James
Hardie products throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area.  We install Hardie
Plank according to the manufacturer’s guidelines and specifications.  We take
customer satisfaction quite seriously and we offer our customers an installation
that covers our workmanship.

In business since 1995, Amazing Siding is a trusted,
local Kansas City area contractor.  We are in good standing with local Chambers
of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau.  Additionally, we are HBA members,
and are a NARI affiliate (voted the 2010 NARI Kansas City Remodeler of the Year;
about our industry affiliations and awards

Amazing Siding installs residential siding throughout the
Kansas City metropolitan market.  Residents of Overland Park, Lenexa,
Leavenworth, Leawood, Olathe, Shawnee, Mission, Independence, Blue Springs, Raytown,
or homeowners in other nearby towns are in our service area.

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