Siding or APEX® Fiberglass Siding Installation in the Kansas City Metropolitan


Choose Marvin® Siding aka APEX®
Fiberglass Siding

If you are considering Marvin® Siding
or APEX®
Fiberglass Siding
installation in the Kansas City market, then you have
chosen a great exterior siding product designed to last and eliminate
painting.  This extremely durable, impermeable siding product offers many
benefits besides being a great product with deep bold color choices in various
textures and wood grains.  It is a superior choice to inferior exterior
wood siding
products on the market.

Marvin® Siding aka APEX® Fiberglass Siding Installation
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A Few Benefits of Fiberglass Siding

Marvin® Siding (APEX®
Fiberglass Siding
) provide homeowners a wide range of benefits for
years to come.  Fiberglass siding is a lightweight, impermeable exterior siding
product that is essentially thermally non-conductive (slow, reduced
transference of heat or cold) that works quite well in harsh summers and
freezing winters.  With the seasonal weather extremes and frequent rainstorms,
homeowners benefit from a siding that dramatically reduces the likelihood of
molding, mildewing, water damage or even most forms of insect damage.


We also install the longest siding lengths of this
product, which provides homeowners with a nearly seamless appearance upon
completion of the installation.  With the rich simulated wood grains and deep
bold colors, APEX® Fiberglass Siding enhances the look and style of
old homes or contemporary designs.


Of course, there are many other benefits
to new siding installation
.  Let us know what you
want to accomplish with your home improvement project.  We will be happy to
offer our advice, expertise and recommendations on products for your home

Your Siding Options Using Amazing Siding’s Design Tools

Professional Exterior Siding, Insulation,
Window and Door Installations

Siding of Kansas City
(Olathe, KS) is your trusted, local
installation contractors that install Marvin® Siding or APEX®
Fiberglass Siding correctly, utilizing the manufacturer’s installation
specifications along with contractor-grade nails, superior insulation
(Tyvek HomeWrap which has the industry’s highest
perm rating), and professional-grade acrylic urethane sealants.


By taking the time and care to inspect your exterior
before siding installation and making minor repairs, we can install insulation
and siding for the best results.  We hammer each nail by hand, taking the care
to examine every part of your exterior walls.  You can always expect
professional installation workmanship with Amazing Siding installers.


By taking the time to seal gaps around windows, doors,
difficult architectural elements including trim areas, soffits, eaves
and overhangs
, and other areas where water can penetrate
into the insulation or exterior wood, we can fully protect your home’s
exterior when replacing your siding.  We also sell and install other exterior
products including new
gutter guards
, high quality, vinyl
replacement windows
, and even new
ProVia entry doors
, so you can finish your entire home
improvement project or renovation, and protect your home’s exterior for years
to come.

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Siding Installation in Kansas City

Warranty, Satisfaction Guarantee and Financing Information

Amazing Siding provides Kansas City metropolitan area
homeowners with exceptional service.  Our professional installers always pay attention
to details and take the care to make sure any of our products are installed
correctly using manufacturer specifications.  Additionally, all of our exterior
siding, windows, doors and other product are thoroughly sealed to ensure a
weather tight installation, thus preventing moisture penetration into your
exterior walls or insulation.


We back all of our installation
workmanship with a warranty
and offer our customers
a satisfaction guarantee
on Amazing
Siding installations.


are available for Amazing Siding customers
in the Kansas City metropolitan region including Overland Park, Olathe,
Leavenworth, Lenexa, Mission, Shawnee, Blue Springs, Independence, Raytown, and
in other suburban communities and towns throughout the region.

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Fiberglass Siding Installation

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