in Lenexa, a House Wrap from Tyvek Is Part of Your Exterior Siding Installation

Homeowners in Lenexa, a House Wrap,
Insulation and Siding Is Available from Amazing Siding

Siding of Kansas City
(now in Olathe, Kansas) installs a Tyvek weatherization
wrap, or a house wrap, in Lenexa, KS, and on all of our siding installation jobs
in our Kansas City metropolitan service area.  We offer local homeowners four,
high-end, residential siding
(in all four main substrates:  fiberglass, cement fiberboard, acrylic
and vinyl).  We can install products on your home in Lenexa including: a house
wrap, siding, windows, gutter guards and even replacement entryway doors.  Your
Lenexa house wrap installation includes preparation of exterior walls, a DuPont™ Tyvek®
HomeWrap®, and, the appropriate additional insulation materials, such as, backer boards
and/or foam boards, and your siding selection.

Our current service area includes the most of the Kansas
City metropolitan area and Eastern Kansas including: Overland Park, Lenexa, Leavenworth,
Olathe, Shiloh, Mission, Leawood, Raytown, Independence, Blue Springs, and other
nearby communities.

Amazing Siding is a local, reputable contractor in
business since 1995.  We have a positive rating with the Better Business Bureau,
are in good-standing with local Chambers of Commerce, and we participate in
industry organizations such as NARI or the HBA.

You may contact Amazing
for expert home siding installation service in Lenexa with a
house wrap and other insulation.  Call Amazing Siding in Olathe, KS, for an installation
estimate or for more additional product details.  You may call us locally in
Olathe at (913) 661-0900.

Installing a Tyvek® HomeWrap®
in Lenexa Provides Many Benefits

There are many benefits a homeowner may expect with a
Lenexa house wrap and siding installation.  We recommend that homeowners review
specific product details to learn about a house wrap, its resistance to water
penetration, the insulation value, whether or not the material has “breathability”
(which lets moisture evaporate), and other details.  DuPont™ Tyvek® HomeWrap®
provides homeowners with many specific advantages.

Some of the benefits of a Tyvek home
weatherization wrap include:

  • Superior performance while using less product—two rolls of Tyvek® HomeWrap®
    in the 9’ x 150’ size class is most likely sufficient for an average two-story house
    (25,000 sq. ft.), although the amount of house wrap used is dependent upon each
    homeowner’s house size and architectural complexity
  • Superior, long-term performance regardless of the climate (thermal cycling extremes
    through seasonal temperature extremes)
  • Superior, high-performance insulation with a high R-value (industry rating), which
    results in energy efficiency year round—using an inferior brand may affect
    performance by as much as a 30% reduction
  • Prevention of water intrusion into exterior walls, insulation and/or cladding
  • Microfiber construction (non-woven) allows moisture to evaporate—this keeps wood an
    insulation dry
  • Resistant to mold growth or mildewing

DuPont™ Tyvek® HomeWrap® is a home
weatherization wrap installed between your exterior walls and siding.  This is an
energy-efficient material that is very well rated within the industry.  Tyvek®
HomeWrap® is the winner of Green Builder Media’s 2012 Readers Choice
Award in the ‘”Greenest BUILDING WRAP product” category.  Also, Tyvek®
HomeWrap® “…exceeds the 2006 International Building Code (section
1403.2) and…2006 International Residential code (Section R703.1) as a
water-resistive barrier, and meets the air barrier requirements of ICC-ES AC-38
and the ASTM E1677 Standard Specification for a Type I air barrier.”—quoted
from the Tyvek (DuPont) website

Amazing Siding installs professional-grade, residential insulation materials,
a Tyvek house wrap, backer boards and/or foam boards, according to specific manufacturer
installation guidelines.  Additionally, we install and seal insulation
materials and siding thoroughly with commercial-grade fasteners, nails and urethane
about exterior wall insulation

an estimate in Lenexa for a house wrap and siding installation
by Amazing Siding.  You can call us at (913) 661-0900.

Amazing Siding Installs High-End Residential
Siding and Exterior Products

Homeowners in Lenexa, a house wrap is one of types of
insulation materials that we install.  We also install other insulation as
needed, particularly in difficult architectural areas.  We also install the
longest siding board lengths in the Kansas City market.  This results in a more
“seamless appearance” while reducing the number of places for rainwater

We install four different types of high-end, house
siding lines with a Tyvek house wrap. Homeowners in Lenexa and Kansas City may select
from these siding brands:

  • AmazingPlank
    Acrylic Siding
    – our exclusive product in the Kansas City market; this
    is an insulated, impermeable acrylic siding (Acrylonitrile Styrenic Acrolate or
    ASA siding); this siding is thermally non-conductive or thermally stable
  • APEX®
    Fiberglass Siding
    – a very popular exterior siding choice available from
    Marvin® Siding; this siding offers rich simulated wood grain
    textures and exclusive dark, bold colors; this siding has a good insulation value
  • Hardie
    Plank Siding
    – (a.k.a. Hardie Plank Siding from James Hardie
    Industries, which is a cement
    fiberboard siding
    ) – the most popular type of siding in the U.S.A.;
    this is a unique product that is customizable for long-term performance
    relative to eight climate/weather variables; this siding is also non-combustible;
    and, this siding has offers one of the largest color selections in the siding
    industry; you may learn
    more about Hardie Plank for Lenexa homes
  • Vinyl Siding
    – a truly superior-grade, virgin vinyl siding fabricated without using any
    inferior vinyl or recycled materials; this siding has an innovative double lap
    siding design that, can reduce the total number of seams by almost more than
    60% on most installations; and, feel free to learn
    more about Lenexa vinyl siding options

Amazing Siding recommends that homeowners planning to
install new window, window frames, entry doors, door frames, or other exterior home
improvement products strongly consider doing so when siding is installed, as this
should allow a contractor to achieve the best possible seals.

Amazing Siding installs these additional, high quality, exterior
residential products:

A Financing Option, Workmanship Installation
Coverage and Materials Warranty

Homeowners who need a financing option for exterior siding with a Tyvek house wrap in Lenexa or in the Kansas City
metropolitan area may apply to
finance home siding installation
.  All insulation materials, a Tyvek
home weatherization wrap, and each line of siding all have very good materials
warranties from the manufactures.  Amazing Siding’s expert installers always will
take the time to the job right the first time, according to manufacturer guidelines.

At Amazing Siding, we prefer that all of our customers are satisfied with our work.  We provide a customer
satisfaction guarantee
that covers our work on all of our installations.

Contact Amazing
today to request a Lenexa house wrap and exterior siding installation
by the experts at Amazing Siding.  You are welcome to call Amazing Siding at (913)
661-0900; or you can send us an email at: marketingkc@amazingsiding.com.


Note regarding technical information:  Specific
product details concerning DuPont™ Tyvek® HomeWrap® is from general and
specific brand/product information and details available listed on the manufacturer’s website(s).