Opt to Install Virgin Vinyl Lap Siding in Lenexa or in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area

Amazing Siding of Kansas City Installs Vinyl Double Lap Siding in Lenexa, KS

Amazing Siding of Kansas City (Olathe, KS) is a local
contractor to install vinyl siding in Lenexa, Olathe or elsewhere in the Kansas City metropolitan
market.  We provide area homeowners with four siding selections–high-end, superior-grade
siding brands in the four main popular substrates
(materials composition) including: acrylic, cement fiberboard, fiberglass, and vinyl.

Amazing Siding is a local, reputable installation contractor in operation since 1995.  We maintain a
positive rating with the Better Business Bureau, maintain BBB-accreditation standards, and have been recognized
for customer service.  We are in good-standing with local Kansas City area Chambers of Commerce. We fully
participate in national industry organizations such as NARI or the HBA and have even
national recognition

If you are interested in vinyl
siding installation in Lenexa
, then contact Amazing
direct for a professional install of vinyl siding in Lenexa or Kansas
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Superior-Grade Vinyl Siding Installation in Lenexa and Kansas City

Amazing Siding installs superior-grade, innovatively
engineered, virgin vinyl siding throughout the area.  Besides being fabricated
from very high quality base materials, this siding offers unique designs that dramatically
reduce the total number of seams on your completed installation.  This offers
homeowners are more “seamless appearance,” but more importantly, this design
dramatically reduces the potential places in your exterior where water and
moisture can possibly penetrate into your insulation material(s) and/or wood
exterior walls—either of which can be annoying mess, if not a slow disaster damaging your home.

Amazing Siding’s vinyl composite siding is an engineering and design advance on lap siding.
This composite vinyl siding is available in three main design styles.  The “Hollow Back” or
“Flat Siding” style is the most economical version, but also has the lowest R-value (insulation
value); the “Hollow Back” style is affixed directly onto the insulation
material (foam boards or insulated backer boards). “Drop In” Contoured
Insulation Siding (a.k.a. “Two Part Contoured Siding”) is contoured siding with
a design that fits insulation quite securely since the siding is affixed to
insulation boards; and, this vinyl siding design style offers a better R-value
than the previously mention option.  And, “One Piece Contoured Siding” fits
insulation boards the most securely.  This vinyl siding option offers the best
R-value here, and, this siding is permanently affixed to expanded polystyrene
insulation.  Also, this vinyl siding generally adds an additional insulation
value of R-4 to R-4-½ on completed installations—the average energy-efficiency
savings can be up to 25% better than a competing design.  We can install these
vinyl siding types on homes throughout Kansas City (learn
about how to select vinyl siding grades

A few of the additional innovative features and advantages
of installing this vinyl siding at your Lenexa home includes:

  • A superior-grade, high-end residential virgin vinyl siding fabricated without using
    any inferior vinyl grades or recycled plastic materials
  • AmazingWall vinyl composite siding is high-end residential siding that is superior to
    almost any competing vinyl siding or design
  • This vinyl siding is a low maintenance product
  • The Straight Lap Siding or Dutch Lap Siding designs are two very popular types of
    vinyl siding design
  • “Double 7” siding panels, specifically, these, are two 7” boards; Amazing Plank’s
    “Double 7” Straight Lap Siding is actually 14” tall and nearly 17 feet long;
    and, this design offers homeowners up to 66% fewer seams than many conventional
    siding board designs
  • The Dutch Lap Siding is comprised of four, 4-½” laps with 18” tall boards, and board
    lengths almost 17 feet long; this design results in as much as 76% fewer seams
    than standard, competing Dutch Lap Siding designs
  • This vinyl siding offers good impact resistance and subsequently it does not chip, chalk,
    fleck, peel, or show scratches
  • This siding eliminates periodic paint scraping and siding painting chores
  • Review the
    Vinyl Siding product page for more details

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an Install of Vinyl Siding in Lenexa, KS

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Amazing Siding’s installers will install a Tyvek
home weatherization wrap on your home in Lenexa
, other insulation materials including rolls,
backer boards and/or foam boards as required.  We also use commercial-grade acrylic urethane sealants and
contractor-grade nails and fasteners on every installation job.

Anyone is welcome to visit Amazing Siding’s
online Design Center
, where you may upload photos of your house
and alter color.  This should allow you to narrow down color options and see
how your home will look next to your neighbors’ homes.

Additional Exterior Products from Amazing Siding

Amazing Siding sells and installs additional house
exterior products and siding.  We do install the longest board lengths in the
market.  We install three other types of siding with different materials
composition.  All of the products have very good manufacturer’s warranties.  We
install an exclusive, superior-grade acrylic and two other lines from very
reliable manufacturers.  We also install entry doors and replacement windows.

Homeowners in Lenexa and Kansas City, choose from these other,
superior-grade exterior products:

  • AmazingPlank
    Acrylic Siding
    – our exclusive, insulated acrylic siding (Acrylonitrile
    Styrenic Acrolate or ASA siding); a very good impermeable acrylic siding that
    is thermally non-conductive (thermally stable)
  • APEX®
    Fiberglass Siding
    – an extremely popular type of exterior house siding;
    manufactured by Marvin® Siding; this is durable siding available in
    smooth or wood grain textures, and unique bold colors
  • Hardie
    Plank Siding
    – (a.k.a. Hardie Plank Siding or cement
    fiberboard siding
    from James Hardie Industries) – the most popular kind of siding material in the U.S.A.
    with over four million installations; this product allows homeowners to customize
    siding for improved long-term performance attributes relative to eight specific
    climate and weather variables; this siding is non-combustible; this siding is
    available in one of the widest color selections in the industry

Also, Amazing Siding installs thee additional, high-end,
home improvement products:

Installation Financing, a Workmanship
Guarantee and Siding Materials Coverage

Homeowners in need of financing to install vinyl siding in Lenexa or elsewhere in our service area
may apply to
finance siding installation

Amazing Siding’s installers work in communities and neighborhoods
throughout Lenexa, Olathe, Leavenworth, Shawnee, Mission, Overland Park, Kansas
City, or elsewhere in the Kansas City metropolitan area including Independence,
Raytown or Blue Springs are in our service area.  Each siding line has
extensive manufacturer materials warranties.  Amazing Siding’s professional
installers take the time to install vinyl siding in Lenexa correctly, and according
to specific manufacturer installation instructions.

Amazing Siding wants every one of our customers to be satisfied with our work and service.  We provide
our customers with an installation
workmanship satisfaction guarantee
.  We stand by our installers’
workmanship, so, you can rely upon Amazing Siding to do the work right!

Contact Amazing
today for siding installation service information about product
options and services.  You may call Amazing Siding at locally at (913) 661-0900;
or, contact us by email at: marketingkc@amazingsiding.com.