Contractors for Independence—James Hardie Plank Siding Installation

“Only James Hardie protects the entire
exterior of your home with siding, soffit and trim engineered for your local
—James Hardie Industries Website

Go Green with Durable, Fire-Resistant Siding Tailored to Fit Your Home

Amazing Siding is pleased to offer homeowners in the
Kansas City area, Blue Springs, Overland Park, and in Independence, James
Hardie Plank Siding
installation services.  James
Hardie Plank Siding
is an environmentally friendly home
siding product and cement
that offers homeowners additional safety.

No residential siding is fireproof, but the James Hardie
line is comprised of non-combustible siding materials tested to withstand
standard 1-hour fire testing.  Our fire-resistant siding not only improves the
look of your home and your property value, but also offers a bit of
peace-of-mind for homeowners knowing that you can rely on James Hardie products
to resist flying embers or nearby flames from lightening strikes, brush fires,
or any unfortunate incidences with neighboring structures.

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From environmentally friendly production methods to
reducing the need to paint, James Hardie siding products offer homeowners one
more option to “go green” and still have an attractive residence.  Your Independence,
James Hardie
siding installation will look great!

Customizable Residential Exterior Siding

James Hardie Industries (and Amazing Siding) offers
customers a truly unique feature—you can choose a wide range of colors for the
siding, and you get to choose the actual siding based upon eight climate
factors!  For installations in Blue Springs, Kansas City or in Independence,
James Hardie
siding products are customizable, and tailored for your home.

Hardie Plank Siding
was designed for extreme climates, but
the customization allows you to take eight major climate and weather factors
into consideration.  James Hardie Industries’ siding customization is based on
the following factors:

  • Hail or the likelihood of frequent seasonal thunderstorms
  • Humidity or seasonal humidity levels
  • Hurricanes or extreme weather patterns with high winds and rain
  • Rainfall (dry vs. wet climates)
  • Snowfall or lack of snow
  • Temperature range or heat cycling, particularly in the hottest months of summer
  • Topographical factors
  • Ultraviolet light (UV light) in your location

Therefore, in Independence, James Hardie siding
products may be tailored to accommodate seasonal moisture levels and other
factors that can quickly age other types of siding such as wood siding or
aluminum siding.

By taking all of these factors under consideration and
having professional contractors in Independence, James Hardie siding
products will look great and last for a long time; and, you receive
professional-grade products that other manufacturers cannot offer with
standardized siding lines.

Amazing Siding sells and installs the popular APEX®
Fiberglass Siding
, which has a realistic wood grain
simulation, our own impermeable, acrylic siding, Amazing
Plank Siding
, and standard vinyl
and insulation materials.

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Installation Work Guarantee and Manufacturer Warranties

Amazing Siding is the only local contractor with a manufacturer-backed
.  We install James Hardie products
correctly, and the manufacturer knows that we use their recommended
techniques.  Additionally, we stock the longest siding lengths in the local
market—this allows for a nearly seamless appearance to your newly installed
siding.  Amazing Siding also provides a warranty
for Amazing Siding’s installation workmanship
and all of our siding lines have
substantial materials warranties.

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