Independence, Fiber Cement Siding Installation

What Is Fiber Cement Siding?

In Kansas City, fiber cement, fiber cement board
siding or James Hardie
Plank Siding
is a term that refers to a siding materials composition,
the specific manufacturer that we use is James Hardie Industries. Cement fiberboard
is an incredibly reliable, long-lasting, resilient, and moldable
siding material that is a composite product.  This composite siding material
itself is manufactured utilizing Portland cement, ground sand, cellulose
fibers, and other additives, and is manufactured to last for decades.

James Hardie Plank Siding is available in
the KC metro through Amazing
Siding of Kansas City
(Olathe, Kansas).  We also install James Hardie
Plank Siding with insulation
.  We also install APEX®
Fiberglass Siding
, an impermeable acrylic siding, Amazing Plank
, and an affordable, vinyl siding
manufactured using pure virgin vinyl.

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Advantages of Independence, Fiber Cement Siding Installation

Cement fiber siding installation for your house provides
homeowners with many advantages over other types of siding, particularly wood.
With Independence, fiber cement siding and professional installation,
you can expect:

  • Affordable
    siding that is frequently less expensive compared to wood siding
  • Long-lasting, durable, reliable siding for your home
  • Overall improved fire resistance, particularly compared to wood
  • Flexible usage even for eaves, overhangs, soffits and trim areas
  • Finishing
    options you can paint fiber cement siding, or not depending on your home’s
  • Ability to withstand extreme temperatures and reduce energy bills
  • A high hail impact resistance
  • A composite siding that withstands common exterior siding problems like rainwater
    damage, moisture, rotting, and mold or mildew damage
  • Reduction of most types of  insect damage
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    about Independence, fiber cement siding

Fiber cement siding also allows for a wide range of
textures including wood grains, stucco, or smooth for instance.  In many places
including in Kansas City and Independence, fiber cement is quickly
becoming the siding of choice.

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A Unique Option for Your Installation in Kansas
City of Fiber Cement—Customizable Siding

Your Independence, fiber cement board siding is
customizable for the climate.  Yes, you heard correctly, you could have custom
siding at affordable prices.  Current fiber cement board is customizable based
on up to eight climate factors.  You can have siding formulations tailored to
suite the Kansas-Missouri climate and seasonal weather.  The factors for
customizable siding include:

  • Temperature range (annual and seasonal) for geographic locations
  • Ultraviolet light (UV light) exposure
  • Overall rain (compare dry or arid climates to wet climates)
  • General humidity and seasonal humidity level ranges
  • Amount of average snow, winter moisture and freezing
  • Likelihood of local hail damage from thunderstorms (usually a seasonal factor, but all
    James Hardie siding has a high hail impact resistance)
  • Exposure to major weather patterns such as hurricanes, tropical storms, high winds,
    torrential rain or other atmospheric heat cycling
  • Topographical features that influence local weather patterns
  • Learn
    more about various home siding styles

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Installation Service Area and Materials Warranties

In Independence, fiber cement board siding,
specifically the popular James Hardie Plank, is a preferred siding
line available through Amazing Siding.  With our arrangements with the
manufacturer, we can offer Kansas City metropolitan homeowners in Independence,
Blue Springs, Mission, Overland Park, Lenexa, Leavenworth, Olathe, or in other suburban
communities, one of the most dependable, long-lasting products on the market.  The
manufacturer provides substantial materials warranties on the siding products.

Amazing Siding provides a satisfaction
on all of our installation workmanship for this product. Learn
more about warranty information

Additionally, Amazing Siding offers customers in
Independence and the Kansas City metropolitan area with options for financing
exterior siding installations.  Review your
financing options
, so you can begin your home improvement project.

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