Choose a Tyvek® HomeWrap® (Weatherization Wrap) as Your House Wrap in Kansas City

Local Contractor Installs Siding, Insulation and a House Wrap in Kansas City

Amazing Siding of
Kansas City
(located in Olathe, Kansas) installs four, high-end, residential siding brands
along with a home weatherization wrap, or a house wrap, in the Kansas City metropolitan
area.  Our service area includes Kansas City, Blue Springs, Raytown,
Independence, Leawood, Shiloh, Mission, Overland Park, Leavenworth, Olathe,
Lenexa and points in between.  Your Kansas City house wrap installation
includes preparing exterior walls, installing the appropriate insulation
materials, back boards and/or foam boards and a Dupont™ Tyvek® HomeWrap®,
a home weatherization wrap.  In our opinion, Tyvek’s HomeWrap and other products are some of the best
products available in the industry for residential applications.

As your local, reputable contractor in business since 1995, you can rely upon our workmanship.
We are committed to installing house wraps, insulation and siding correctly.  We are a BBB-accredited business,
participate fully in industry organizations, and we are in good-standing with
local area Chambers of Commerce.  You can contact Amazing
for a professional siding installation with a house wrap in the Kansas
City metropolitan region.  Call Amazing Siding in Olathe, KS, for a price quote
or to learn more about our products.  You may reach us at 913-661-0900.

Advantages of Installing a Tyvek® HomeWrap® at Your Kansas City Area Home

In general, there are many advantages to installing a house wrap in Kansas City, or anywhere for that matter.
Be sure to review and consider the product specifications for a house wrap including resistance to
moisture/water intrusion, the insulation value, breathability (which lets
moisture out) and other factors.  For the environmentally-conscious homeowner, “greener”
insulation products may be a major consideration when you decide which product
is the best option for you to use on a Kansas City house wrap installation.

Dupont™ Tyvek® HomeWrap® and other variants in the product line offer homeowners many advantages.
Some of these benefits include:

  • Superior performance regardless of the climate conditions or thermal cycling extremes
  • Effective performance with less product because, generally, two rolls of Tyvek®
    HomeWrap® at the 9’ x 150’ size are usually sufficient for your average
    two-story house (25,000 sq. ft.), although this is entirely dependent upon the
    complexity of your home’s exterior architecture
  • Capacity to prevent moisture penetration into your exterior wood, insulation or cladding
  • An R-value industry rating, or a high insulation value, which is energy-efficient
    under cold or hot conditions (thermal cycling extremes)—using an inferior brand
    can affect performance by as much as a 30% reduction
  • An innovate design offering a unique non-woven, microfiber construction that
    allows moisture vapor to escape the house wrap and insulation—this helps keep
    wood an insulation materials dry, thus reducing the likelihood of mold growth
    or mildewing under the exterior siding
  • General protection of your home and walls against high winds and possible moisture
    penetration from thunderstorms

Dupont™ Tyvek® HomeWrap® is a superior-grade, high-performance product.
Your Dupont™ Tyvek® HomeWrap® is an energy-efficient home weatherization wrap that is
rated very well.  Just to let you know, Tyvek® HomeWrap®
is the winner of Green Builder Media’s 2012 Readers Choice Award in the ‘”Greenest
BUILDING WRAP product” category.  Additionally, Tyvek® HomeWrap®
“…exceeds the 2006 International Building Code (section 1403.2) and…2006
International Residential code (Section R703.1) as a water-resistive barrier,
and meets the air barrier requirements of ICC-ES AC-38 and the ASTM E1677
Standard Specification for a Type I air barrier.”—from the Tyvek (DuPont) website

Additional Insulation Materials Installed with a House Wrap in Kansas City

Amazing Siding installs professional-grade, residential insulation materials,
a house wrap, backer boards and/or foam boards according to manufacturer specifications.  We also install insulation materials
and siding on even the most difficult architectural elements including eaves, overhangs, soffits and other
trim areas—we also thoroughly seal all of these areas.  Additionally, we install and seal insulation materials
and siding materials using contractor-grade nails, fasteners, and urethane sealants—learn
more about insulation for exterior walls

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Amazing Siding Installs High-End Residential
Siding and Additional Home Improvement Products

Homeowners in Kansas City, a house wrap is one of types
of insulation materials that we install with along with one of our exterior siding
lines.  We also stock the longest siding board lengths, which helps reduce the
total number of seams (for a “seamless appearance”) while and the amount of places
on an exterior where moisture may penetrate into exterior walls.  We install four
high-end, residential exterior siding lines including an acrylic siding that is
exclusive to the market.

Amazing Siding offers exterior house siding installation
service with a Tyvek house wrap in the Kansas City metropolitan area.
Currently, we install four high-performance/high-end residential siding lines.

We install the following siding options:

Amazing Siding recommends that homeowners install new
window frames, doors frames, and any other exterior products during you siding
installation.  This will allow your contractor to achieve the best possible
seals on your home’s exterior.

Amazing Siding of Kansas City can install any of these
other high-end residential home improvement products with your siding installation

Be sure to visit Amazing
Siding’s Design Center
where you can upload photographs of your
home and alter color schemes to see how your new preferred siding selection will look.

Financing, Workmanship Service Coverage and Warranty Information

Customers requiring a financing option for siding and house wrap installation in the Kansas City area are
welcome to apply to
finance siding installation
.  All insulation materials and siding have
very good manufacturer’s materials warranties.  Amazing Siding’s professional
installers take the time to install exterior house siding and a weatherization
wrap properly, according to manufacturer installation specifications and guidelines.

Additionally, we want all of our customers satisfied with our workmanship and final installation.
Amazing Siding offers a customer
satisfaction guarantee
cover the installation workmanship of our professional installers.

Contact Amazing
for siding installation with a house wrap in Kansas City.  You
may call Amazing Siding locally at 913-661-0900 (our business fax
line is 913-322-0651), or email us at:


Note regarding technical information: Specific
product information about Dupont™ Tyvek® HomeWrap®
is cited directly from specific or general product brand information available from
the manufacturer’s website(s).