Installation of House Siding in Olathe

Long-Lasting Exterior Siding Product
Installation Service

Siding of Kansas City
offers four very durable lines of house siding in Olathe
and for residents throughout the Kansas City metropolitan region. All exterior
siding lines are installed with professional-grade insulation materials. We
are your trusted, local siding contractors since 1995; and we carry popular and
exclusive home exterior siding lines in the metropolitan market.

For our siding line installations,
we offer the longest siding lengths available in the local market. The longer
exterior siding lengths offer homeowners a near seamless appearance to
installations. Perhaps more importantly, the longer exterior siding lengths
reduce the potential areas for water intrusion into the insulation materials or
wood of your exterior walls. This dramatically reduces wood rot, mold, mildew
and other moisture related damage.

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Amazing Siding Installs High-End Residential Siding

Amazing Siding installs four, long-lasting, home
exterior siding lines that all offer Kansas City area homeowners specific
advantages and protection for their exterior walls. Choose your new house
siding in Olathe
from our popular siding lines.

Your siding options include product lines that eliminate
painting including:

  • Amazing Plank
    Acrylic Siding
    —our exclusive, exterior house siding.
    This durable product is an impermeable acrylic siding that resists moisture
    intrusion and water penetration; has a high impact resistance; offers
    homeowners up to 66% less seams than many products; reduces noise; and provides
    homeowners with a high insulation value (R-value). This siding is your
    long-lasting solution for home improvement projects.
  • APEX®
    Fiberglass Siding
    —a very popular alternative to inferior wood exterior siding
    that generally deteriorates rapidly.  This environmentally friendly, fiberglass
    siding fabrication provides homeowners with realistic, simulated wood grains;
    is available in bold and dark colors; is a non-conductive composite material
    that resists the extremes of temperature fluctuations; resists mold damage or
    water intrusion; and has a long product life cycle.
  • James
    Hardie Plank Siding
    —a unique, customizable siding for climate, that
    factors in up to eight major climate variables that all affect lifetime performance.
    This capacity to alter the siding for climate, combined with a unique,
    multi-step paint application process that bakes-on paint in multiple layers, improves
    this exterior siding’s longevity. ColorPlus® Technology offers
    homeowners a wide assortment of color choices; and the paint application
    process lasts even longer than professional-grade, field-applied painting. This
    cementfiberboardis a low-maintenance product with a high impact-resistance;
    and this product is an environmentally friendly siding that performs well for
    decades. This siding even eliminates painting!
  • Vinyl Exterior Siding—manufactured
    using virgin vinyl, not inferior materials or recycled vinyl—this increases product
    longevity. This siding line offers homeowners a high wind-load capacity; a
    composite insulated siding with uniform
    weathering/weathering resistance; resists flaking or cracking from temperature
    cycling; and this product resists insect damage.

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Additional Materials Installation for House
Siding in Olathe

Protect your exterior walls from water damage, moisture
penetration, wood rot or warping and other problems caused by damp conditions.
Your new house siding in Olathe will perform well for decades. Amazing
Siding installs new
gutter guards
, replacement
and new, high quality entry doors so you can
finish your entire home exterior improvement projects or general renovations.

Amazing Siding uses some of the most durable
contractor-grade or professional-grade insulation materials, sealants,
weatherization wraps and nails as well. When we install siding, we use the
longest siding lengths available in market in order to reduce the total number
of seams, which reduces the chances of water intrusion. Additionally, difficult
areas for installations, such as eaves and
, soffits and trim areas are thoroughly sealed.

Our general insulation materials include:

  • Insulation materials,
    backer boards and/or foam boards
  • Tyvek
    Homewrap—one of the best home weatherization wraps on the market
  • Commercial-grade acrylic urethane sealants
  • Professional-grade contractor nails

Learn more about your insulation
, backer boards, and insulation materials, or watch a brief video and learn
more about home siding

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Warranty and Financing Information

Please review
additional warranty information
about our siding lines. We back all of our installation workmanship, regardless of the
product line (learn
more about our customer satisfaction guarantee
). Contact Amazing Siding
today for an estimate

We have been protecting homes in Leavenworth, Lenexa,
Overland Park, Olathe, and in the communities throughout the Kansas City
metropolitan area since 1995.

options for house siding in Olathe
are available for homeowners.
Financing options are available for Amazing Siding customers throughout the
Kansas City metropolitan region.

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