Contractor Amazing Siding Installs Home Siding in Olathe, Kansas

Do You Need a New Home Siding in Olathe or Kansas City?

If you answered yes to needing home siding in Olathe, KS, or elsewhere in the Kansas City metropolitan area,
then take a moment to review the siding lines available from your hometown contractor Amazing Siding of Kansas
(Olathe, KS).  We currently install four superior-grade, high-end exterior house siding selections,
one exclusive to the Kansas City market (our acrylic siding).  All of siding
brands are engineered to eliminate painting chores and provide homeowners with
durable, long-lasting siding, each of which offers specific performance benefits.

Amazing Siding’s installers are experienced professionals
familiar with the proper installation techniques and specifications of each manufacturer.
We offer the four main types of siding board substrates for installation.
These substrates include: acrylic, cement fiberboard, fiberglass and vinyl siding.
We use contractor-grade insulation materials and a home weatherization wrap,
and professional-grade nails, fasteners and sealants on every job that we perform.

Amazing Siding is your hometown Olathe contractor (we just moved from Lenexa about a year ago).
We have been in business since 1995, and Amazing Siding is a reputable contractor with Better Business
Bureau-accreditation, and we are in good-standing with local area Chambers of
Commerce.  Also, we participate in siding industry organizations including the
HBA and NARI—in fact, Amazing Siding of Kansas City is your NARI Kansas City
Remodeler of the Year for 2010.  You can rely on Amazing Siding to always back our
installation workmanship, regardless of which of our siding lines you chose install.
Feel free to learn
about Amazing Siding’s affiliations and industry recognition
or review
local area customer video testimonials
about our workmanship.  We
provide accurate siding and installation cost estimates upfront for home siding
in Olathe or in our service area.

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Amazing Siding Installs High-End, Long-Lasting Home Siding in Olathe

Amazing Siding installs superior-grade, high-performance,
exterior house siding in Olathe, Eastern Kansas and throughout the Kansas City
metropolitan region.  We offer homeowners some of the most popular siding available
in the United States, and an exclusive acrylic siding in the local market.  Our
personnel are experienced with installing each siding line properly—we back all
of our installation workmanship!

Additionally, we choose to install the longest siding
board lengths available in the Kansas City market for a couple of reasons.  Installing
longer siding boards reduces your total seams.  This offers homeowners a more
uniform appearance, uniform weathering, and a considerable reduction in the
potential places for water or moisture to intrude into insulation materials and/or
exterior wood walls.

Be sure to visit Amazing
Siding’s Design Center
in order to learn more about your home
siding options in Olathe.  Also, you can upload photos of your home and select
different color schemes to get an idea of how your home will look after siding
installation—be sure to pick colors and/or textures that will match your style
and architecture! Feel free to ask an Amazing Siding representative to help you choose the best
home siding for your Olathe or Kansas City are home and budget.  We will gladly review options
available from our company.

Homeowners can opt to install one of these
superior-grade siding lines (please review product pages for more details on
individual products):

  • APEX®
    Fiberglass Siding
    —the extremely popular siding line from Marvin®
    Siding; a siding that offers homeowners a high impact resistance; APEX® offers
    a good insulation rating (R-value); and, this is a superior alternative to any
    type of inferior wood siding offering homeowners rich simulate wood grains and
    deep bold colors
  • Amazing Plank
    Acrylic Siding
    —this is our exclusive siding brand in the Kansas City
    market; this siding is an insulated, impermeable acrylic siding engineered for
    withstand harsh weather; this thermally stable siding substrate offers
    homeowners energy efficiency in hot or cold conditions
  • James Hardie Plank Siding
    the most popular type of siding substrate in the country with over four million installations; this is a
    fiberboard siding
    ; this siding is non-combustible and environmentally-friendly from manufacturing
    through recycling; this product is fabricated cellulose fibers, Portland cement, sand, cellulose fibers
    and additives; this siding is climate customizable—homeowners can improve performance relative to
    eight specific weather/climate factors including: temperature extremes, seasonal
    precipitation and humidity extremes, UV-light exposure amounts (higher levels
    fade paint quicker), exposure to major weather patterns, a high hail impact
    resistance, and additional factors; James Hardie Industries employs a
    proprietary paint application methodology, ColorPlus® Technology, which
    literally bakes on multiple paint layers for a uniform appearance, and this
    process is even better than most field-applied painting techniques, and this
    process offers homeowners one of the largest color palettes available
  • Vinyl Siding—a
    superior-grade, virgin vinyl home siding manufactured without using inferior
    materials or recycled products; this siding offers an innovative double lap design
    that dramatically reduces total seams (over 60% on most installations); this siding
    offers all of the benefits of vinyl that are so popular, just better quality
    and better long-term performance; homeowners can expect a good insulation
    rating; and, you have popular color options

Amazing Siding’s installers use contractor-grade insulation
, a Tyvek home weatherization wrap, and commercial-grade, acrylic urethane
sealants, fasteners and nails on every installation job that we perform.

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Opt for Other High Quality Exterior Products When Installing Siding

If you are planning on installing new siding this year, consider installing other exterior products
such as new windows, doors, gutter guards, and frames.  We recommend that homeowners opt to perform
these home improvement projects during siding installation for the best possible seals on frames.
This allows your installers to achieve the best possible seals throughout your
exterior including the siding boards, eaves, soffits, trim and architectural
elements, frames, windows and doors.  Currently, Amazing siding installs ENERGY
STAR-compliant replacement
with fusion-welded, PVC/vinyl frames, kiln-dried, glass and
wood ProVia entryway
, and new
gutter guards
to protect siding and exterior walls.

Service Coverage, Financing and an Installation Workmanship Guarantee

Amazing Siding installs four superior-grade, home siding
lines in Olathe and throughout the Kansas City area.  We install siding in Leavenworth,
Overland Park, Lenexa, Leawood, Mission, Shawnee, Kansas City, Blue Springs, Raytown,
Independence, and in nearby suburbs and communities.  You are welcome to apply to
finance your siding in Olathe

All of our manufacturers provide homeowners with substantial materials warranties—James Hardie Industries
has some of the best in the entire industry.  Many homeowners do not realize that improper installation
will probably void the manufacturer’s warranty, so be sure that you have professional installers perform the job.
All of our customers have Amazing Siding’s installation
workmanship guarantee
and commitment that we will perform the job
according to the specific manufacturer’s specifications.

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for home siding installation in Olathe or elsewhere in
the Kansas City market.  You are welcome to call us at: 913-661-0900;
or e-mail us at: marketingkc@amazingsiding.com.