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Environmentally-Friendly Exterior Siding

If it is time to install exterior siding, Hardie Board
for Lenexa
homes provides homeowners with one of the best residential siding
available anywhere in the Kansas City metropolitan market.
Hardie Board or James
Hardie Plank Siding
is actually an environmentally friendly, cement
fiberboard exterior siding
manufactured by James Hardie Industries.  Cement
fiberboard is the most popular home siding in the USA for many reasons.

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Home Siding Designed to Withstand Harsh Conditions

Originally, Hardie Board
was created to meet the needs of homeowners living in the harsh climate of
Australia’s arid interior.  Cement
, comprised of Portland cement, ground sand, cellulose fibers
and additives, provides considerable protection from heat, ultraviolet light
and even windblown debris, but it is also easily customizable for differing
climate conditions and home insulation requirements.

Designed to withstand extreme, dry summer heat, this
specific form of home siding also proved to be an extremely durable product.
Cement fiberboard’s other advantages includes fire resistance and an ability to
protect exterior walls against water damage and even freezing temperatures—it
really is home siding that easily withstands the extremes of temperatures,
seasonal thermal cycling and precipitation.

Hardie Board’s fabrication and base materials usage is
also ecologically friendly, certainly compared to many other forms of siding.  Hardie
Board for Lenexa
homes, or anywhere for that matter, is also home siding
that is customizable in order to perform better, and last longer in a wide
range of climate conditions.

James Hardie Industries’ innovation did not stop with
materials.  By utilizing a ColorPlus® Technology (a proprietary,
multi-step paint application process), exterior siding has a uniform color, which
also eliminates periodic painting, thus reducing the use of ecologically
harmful products—namely, primers and paints.  Additionally, when combined with
the appropriate insulation materials, Hardie Board also reduces your
electricity or fuel costs for cooling and heating.

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Insulation Materials and Customized Siding
for Lenexa Homes

Hardie Board along with insulation materials also
provides homeowners with insulated home siding.
Amazing Siding installs insulation foam boards, backer boards, home
weatherization wraps, or other professional-grade insulating materials, that
will protect your exterior.  Water resistant insulation combined with Hardie
Board protects your home’s exterior walls from damage caused by water intrusion
including general moisture damage, mildewing, mold, or wood rot.

Ask your Amazing Siding
representative for recommendations if you need help choosing the appropriate
insulation materials for use with Hardie Board in Lenexa or Kansas City.

Along with Hardie Board for Lenexa homes, Amazing
Siding also installs:

  • The longest siding lengths available for a more seamless appearance
  • Hardie Board featuring a truly innovative and proprietary, multi-step paint
    application process, ColorPlus® Technology, that bakes paint on in
    layers thus increasing the siding’s longevity, essentially eliminating paint
    flaking, and providing siding with truly consistent color
  • Hardie Board using ColorPlus® Technology that reduces fading from
    ultraviolet light exposure
  • Professional-grade, home weatherization wraps, specifically
    Tyvek Homewrap which has one of the ratings in the industry and prevents water

Amazing Siding takes the care to install Hardie Board
in Lenexa
correctly.  We use contractor-grade,
galvanized nails and thoroughly apply professional-grade, acrylic urethane sealants during the installation
process to ensure an exterior siding installation that will fully protect your walls.

Besides giving homeowners options for
colors and textures, ColorPlus® Technology’s baked-on paint coatings easily withstand the temperature
fluctuations and seasonal climate extremes in Kansas.  You can further optimize
your siding’s performance.   You can have siding that will perform better and
longer for specific climates that include extreme temperatures, seasonal precipitation
extremes, dry climates, exposure to thunderstorms and severe weather patterns, freezing
temperatures and winter precipitation including hail (Hardie Board has a high
impact resistance), and ultraviolet light exposure levels (higher levels cause
paints to fade).

Take advantage of all your options. You
can have Hardie Board in Lenexa designed for our specific climate, and
is optimized for maximum durability.

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Superior-Grade Siding Lines and an Exclusive Acrylic Siding

In business since 1995, we are trusted, local
contractors, voted the 2010 NARI Kansas City Remodeler of the Year. Amazing
Siding is the exclusive installation contractor for Amazing Plank/Wall acrylic siding and we are professional
installers who install Hardie Board in Lenexa according to the manufacturer’s installation specifications.
We install siding throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area including
Olathe, Overland Park, Shawnee, Leavenworth, Mission, Blue Springs, Raytown,
Independence, and in other suburbs.

Amazing Siding also installs high-end, residential exterior siding lines
including a very high quality vinyl siding
(fabricated from pure virgin vinyl), APEX®
Fiberglass Siding
(which realistically simulates wood grains; bold and
dark color options available), and our own exclusive siding Amazing Plank Siding (an impermeable, acrylic siding).

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Installation Warranties

Since we install Hardie Board in Lenexa correctly
(and other siding lines) Amazing Siding provides and installation
workmanship warranty
and we provide customers
a satisfaction guarantee
on the installation of our exterior siding
product lines.

are available for Amazing Siding customers in Lenexa and
throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area.

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