Town Contractors for Exterior Siding in Olathe


Local Contractor Installs Exterior Siding in
Olathe and Kansas City

Local residents have options for high-end, long lasting
exterior siding for Olathe and Kansas City area homes.  Your hometown contractors,
and award-winning 2010
NARI Remodeler of the Year
, Amazing Siding of Kansas
in Olathe, Kansas, install superior brands of exterior siding
correctly, according to manufacturer installation guidelines and specifications.


Currently, Amazing Siding installs four great brands of exterior house siding
throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area.  Homeowners in Olathe, Kansas
City, Overland Park, Leavenworth, Lenexa, Shiloh, Mission, and in other towns
and suburbs can always rely on professional installation of exterior house
siding when you choose to business with Amazing Siding.


We take the time to install each brand according the
specifications from the manufacturer.  You may be wondering why bother to let
people know this? Well, industry studies indicate that a surprisingly large
number of contractors do not bother to perform the correct installation
procedures for specific products, thus reducing the effectiveness and performance
of siding over years.

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Choose Superior Exterior Siding for an Olathe House

Amazing Siding offers homeowners in metropolitan area options,
all of which are a superior choice in their respective materials class.
Homeowners can choose different brands and different materials substrate base on
exterior siding for an Olathe residence.  All of our siding brands are high-end
exterior siding lines, and definitely well worth the cost.


Each material type offers exceptional performance
attributes.  Amazing Siding installs the longest siding board lengths in the Kansas
City market.  This provides homeowners a uniform and “seamless” appearance
after installation, while reducing the amount of seams.  This reduces the
likelihood of moisture or rainwater penetration into the insulation materials
or your external wood.


These long lasting exterior siding options offer
specific performance attributes.  Each siding board substrate is comprised of
different materials.  Choose a siding material that matches your home
improvement goals.  We will gladly review the options with homeowners.  Each material
has specific advantages including lifecycle durability, thermal stability,
thermally non-conductive material, insulation value, energy efficiency,
resistance to water penetration or inset damage, whether or not a substrate rots
(our brands do not rot), and other to tangible performance attributes including
climate customization.  Of course, you have color and texture selections to
make as well.


One thing in common with all of these siding options is
that they eliminate painting!


Our high-end, exterior siding for Olathe and Kansas City
area residents include very popular siding selections.  Please review product
description pages for additional information; a few of the features include:

  • Amazing Plank
    Acrylic Siding

    • Amazing Siding’s exclusive brand of weatherable Acrylonitrile
      Styrenic Acrolate (ASA)—a  very durable exterior siding substrate
    • This siding is an insulated siding manufactured from an impermeable acrylic
    • This siding has a high insulation value (R-value)
    • This siding is energy efficient in hot or cold temperatures
    • This siding is thermally non-conductive, ideal seasonal temperature extremes
    • This siding protects exterior wood walls and insulation materials against water intrusion,
      damage and subsequent mold or mildew
    • This siding does not rot
  • James
    Hardie Plank Siding

    • Environmentally friendly cement
      from fabrication, through the product’s complete life cycle
      to final recycling decades later
    • The most popular siding substrate and brand in the U.S.A.
    • This siding is manufactured utilizing cellulose fibers, Portland cement, ground sand
      and additional additives
    • Another unique benefit is customization of siding board substrate for improved
      performance relative to eight major weather and climate variables including UV-light
      exposure; this allows homeowners to have siding with improved performance
      attributes relative to our local climate and seasonal extremes—improve your
      siding with siding customization!
    • This siding is non-combustible, easily surviving standardized one-hour fire testing
    • James Hardie Industries’ ColorPlus® Technology is a proprietary painting
      application method that bakes-on multiple layers of paint for a true, uniform appearance
      that is superior to even contractor field-painting methods
    • ColorPlus® Technology provides brilliant colors that lasts even in the highest ultraviolet
      light exposure areas offering unmatched resistance to fading over the first
      20-25 years after installation
    • James Hardie Industries offers an unmatched color selection—on of the widest color
      palettes in the industry
  • APEX®
    Fiberglass Siding

    • This is the extremely popular exterior siding available direct from APEX®
      Siding by Marvin® Siding
      , truly a superior fiberglass siding
    • APEX® siding performs effectively against water penetration, windblown debris and
      hail impacts
    • This siding is essentially thermally stable
    • This siding offers protection against wind damage with a high wind load capacity
    • This exterior siding provides homeowners with exclusive, deep bold color selections
    • APEX® Siding is attractive and an energy efficient alternative to inferior wood
      siding lines
    • This siding realistically simulates wood grains
    • This siding does not rot
  • Vinyl Siding
    • An extremely high quality product for your home
    • This siding offers very good insulation and general energy efficiency
    • This siding is a superior alternative to lower cost siding lines made of mixed
      plastics, recycled or inferior vinyl or other materials that do not perform as
      well as this substrate
    • This virgin vinyl substrate offers all of the benefits of popular and traditional vinyl
      siding materials, just with considerable improvement in overall performance

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Amazing Siding Installs Insulation Materials with Installation

To protect our customers’ exteriors, we prepare your exterior
wood walls, make minor repairs as needed, and install long-lasting, professional-grade
insulation materials. We use contractor-grade urethane sealants, nails, supplies,
and other materials to reduce the likelihood of later water penetration, damage
and mold.  We install the longest siding board lengths in the Kansas City market,
which reduces the overall number of seams.  By reducing seams, there are fewer
places for water penetration into insulation or exterior wood.  This reduces
the chances of siding board and/or exterior wood warping, rot, mold growth,
mildew or even of insect damage.


Amazing Siding’s installers use contractor-grade insulation materials
for your entire installation.  Your new insulation may include backerboards,
foam boards and a one of the best home weatherization wraps available,
specifically Tyvek’s HomeWrap, professional-grade urethane sealants and contractor-grade


more about insulation options
for Olathe residences or other Kansas
City metropolitan homes.


a brief video about home siding
for more information about choosing residential
siding that is right for your home.

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Finish Exterior Projects when Installing Exterior Siding

For the best possible exterior siding in Olathe or in
our service area, homeowners should strongly consider finishing additional home
improvement projects when we install your new siding.  To achieve the best
possible installation and seals of seams and gaps in your exterior, choose to
install new windows, doors, frames, vents, soffits, trim areas, siding for
eaves, and guttering.  Amazing Siding’s expert installers can install new gutter guards
for additional exterior protection.  And, while we are at the job, we can install
PVC/vinyl replacement windows
(and frames) or install beautiful
kiln-dried ProVia entry
with related framing.


Satisfaction Guarantee and Financing Options
for Exterior Siding in Olathe

Amazing Siding provides Olathe and Kansas City metropolitan
area homeowners with exceptional local service from a hometown company.  We
install some of the best exterior siding available.  Our residential siding
brands last!


At Amazing Siding, we want every one of our customers satisfied
with the siding installation.  We provide a satisfaction
for the finalized house siding installation workmanship.  Additionally,
all of our manufacturers offer extensive materials warranties on siding boards
and additional siding products.


If you require a financing
for exterior siding in Olathe or elsewhere in our services area,
you are welcome to apply for financing installation and materials cost.  If you
plan to have install new exterior siding in Lenexa, Leavenworth, Overland Park,
Mission, Shawnee, Shiloh, or in one of the Missouri communities in our service
area (Kansas City, Blue Springs, Independence, Raytown, etc.), then financing
may be available direct from Amazing Siding.

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